DiCaro Coppo & Popcke attorneys represent professionals in connection with investigations and hearings relating to their professional licenses.  DiCaro, Coppo & Popcke attorneys have successfully represented physicians, psychologists, nurses, technicians, insurance agents, and varied other professionals in administrative hearings and in agency investigations.

Malpractice judgments, malpractice settlements, professional (sexual) boundaries violations, excessive prescribing or drug or alcohol use, criminal convictions, 805 reports, and patient, colleague or employer complaints can trigger professional licensing boards or other regulatory agencies such as the DEA or MediCare to investigate your practice regarding your competency and fitness.

We can assist at any stage:

●    Written Narrative Explanation, Document Production

●    Investigative Interview

●    Accusation

●    Discovery

●    Hearing

●    Board Renewal Application

●    License Renewal Application

●    Mandatory Self-Reporting of Conviction

The earlier you contact DiCaro, Coppo & Popcke, the more we can help you in the protection of your professional licensure.  Please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Many professional liability policies have administrative components that may provide you legal defense funding.  DiCaro, Coppo & Popcke attorneys are on the panel of a number of these carriers.  DiCaro, Coppo & Popcke has a wide network of consultants including criminal attorneys, drug and alcohol rehabilitators, sexual boundaries educators, psychiatrists and others to help.

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